Mission, Vision, and Core Values


The mission of Catholic University of South Sudan is to provide an outstanding education to students from all backgrounds. Our approach is integral, focusing on both character and professional development. In addition to undergraduate and continuing education programs, we also undertake applied and theoretical research, help generate solutions to national and regional challenges, and promote dialogue between culture and faith.


Catholic University of South Sudan is an academic institution inspired by the values of the Gospel and Social Teaching of the Church. We provide holistic formation, morally, ethically and intellectually, subject to the norms of Codex luris Canonici and Ex Corde Ecclesiae. We aspire to be a world-class university in the heart of Africa, dedicated to academic excellence. Our graduates are well-rounded women and men who are professionally skilled, respect the dignity of every individual, and are committed to the service of others.

Core Values

Excellence, Solidarity, Human Dignity, Service and Community, Family, Accountability, Integrity, Hard Work, Empowerment, Collaboration and Innovation.