Center for Women Leadership

(Leadership Crucible)

Women Leadership Center (WLC) is an initiative of the Catholic University of South Sudan (CUofSS). The University has developed a training module for WLC to respond to emerging and felt needs of women who aspire or are already in leadership. Such training need was established through a leadership gauge, also known as leadership audit, to accurately assess the leadership capabilities of individual women or their teams. This has enabled the Centre to come up with the best approach to intervene in support of women leadership.

Objective 1: Equip the young women with the necessary skills in order to function effectively in their various careers;

  • To increase the desire of participants to lead
  • To help participants see themselves as leaders
  • To help participants develop the skills they need to be effective leaders
  • To promote in participants the qualities of effective leaders
  • To help participants begin to develop professional networks

Objectives 2: Equip professional women from governmental institution and the private sector with skills that would help them function effectively in their various work;

  • To explore women's experiences by placing women at the center of inquiry as subjects rather than objects;
  • To examine women's lives, voices, histories, roles, and ideas in an effort to understand how women—of various classes, religions, political affiliations and ages—have been constructed, identified, oppressed, acclaimed, and developed.
  • To explore and understand the importance of women's experiences and to make changes cross-culturally. To equip women with the necessary skills and techniques which enable women in leadership to interact cohesively in a social network.